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Chinese is the only pictographic language in the world, each character similar to a picture. Each Chinese word consists of humanities and history. It is the most meaningful characters and language in the world.

Artistry is the unique beauty of Chinese language. The students learn from the very basic, and gradually to a comprehensive level, and in the meantime, the students are able to find and sense the beauty of Chinese, such as the shape, the tone, and the meaning behind each character.

 Our course is mainly design with lifestyle conversation, useful phrases and grammars, the international students could apply to their daily life easily, and get use to the local life in Taiwan quickly.

We aim to help our students to learn Chinese in a native speaking environment, and we believe that is the most efficient and effective way of learning a language.

Course Outline

Teaching Objectives and Core Competencies

The course aims to strengthen students’ Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  The theme arrangement of the course is based on the spiral progression and the conical ascending; therefore, the vocabulary is increased, the grammar depth is improved, the theme range is expanded, and the various fields are expanded.  Diverse themes in various fields are integrated into teaching and activity design, combined with relevant practical content, to improve students’ Chinese communication skills.

Course Design

Class is ranging from 5 to 10 students in order to maintain a high quality of teaching.  We emphasize practical application.  Therefore, we choose Modern Chinese as our textbook. Its content is lively and full of commonly used words.  Since electronic devices have been part of our life, this book has online audio files, including vocabulary and example sentences, grammar, dialogues, short texts, and homework. Students can scan the QR Code with their mobile phones, or scan the textbook directly with the mobile AR program.  Students can listen to the audio files, making learning more efficient and reviewing more convenient.


Regular Class

Fall Class (Sep.- Jan.) : Beginner’s Level, 15 hours a week, and 18 weeks (5 months) in total.  After the class, students can reach the TOCFL A1 level.


Spring Class (Feb.- Jun.) : A continue of the Beginner’s Level, 15 hours a week, and 18 weeks in total.  Students are able to pass TOCFL BAND A after the class.  If you have learned mandarin before, and you would like to know more, or hope to pass TOCFL BAND A, you are welcome to join this class.


Other Classes

Short-term Class (During the semester)

Intensive Class (During Summer/Winter vacation)

Due to the opening of Chinese learning purpose visas (FR), more and more people come to Taiwan to learn Chinese.  Students who come to Taiwan with an FR visa are required to take more than 15 hours of Chinese language courses per week. Therefore, in addition to the Fall Class and Spring Class, our center also designed various short-term and intensive courses to meet the students’ learning requirements.  If you are using other visas and you are already living in Taiwan, there is no restriction on the number of study hours, and you are welcome to apply for these courses.   The registration for Short-term Class and Summer/Winter Intensive Class will be open once the course is ready.

Please note that the Language Center does not assist with visa processing, the “Letter of Acceptance” does not guarantee that you can successfully apply for a visa. The issuance of a visa is an act of national sovereignty. The Republic of China reserves the right to refuse issuance without explaining the reason. The fee for applying for a visa will not be refunded.

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