★According to the regulation of MOE, those who apply for a student visa must take at least 15 hours of class per week.

★After four months of consecutive study at the CLC, with good academic records, students are able to go to National Immigration to apply to change their visitor visas to alien residential visas.

★Student who is absent for more than one-third of total course hours is not allowed to extend visa and apply for alien residential visa.

★Please note that Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes requires students to have a guarantor or contact person before a visa is issued. According to the policy of the Ministry of Education, the CLC staff is not allowed to act as a guarantor.

★Be sure that you understand the rules and regulations regarding visas before you leave your country. For further details, contact the nearest Taiwan embassy, consulate or representative agency, or check the following websites:

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Immigration Agency

Please note that the Language Center does not assist with visa processing, the “Letter of Acceptance” does not guarantee that you can successfully apply for a visa. The issuance of a visa is an act of national sovereignty. The Republic of China reserves the right to refuse issuance without explaining the reason. The fee for applying for a visa will not be refunded.

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